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Early (pre-publication) review of The World Is A Ball just in

From the web site of Bolen Books in Victoria, B.C.

The World Is A Ball by John Doyle (release date May 2010)

Somewhere in the stack of books that the folks at Bolen Books handed me was a book on soccer; a preamble to the World Cup, by John Doyle, the TV and entertainment critic for the Globe and Mail. My earliest sporting memories are of soccer and, as a lifelong player of the game who named his boat after the 2006 Cup-winning Italian team, I was doubtful that a professional couch potato could capture the excitement and gravitas of the coming tournament in South Africa. I was wrong. So happily wrong. Continue reading

Messi vs Maradona

The World Is A Ball has a section about the distinguished author’s visit to Argentina, to see Argentina play Colombia in a World Cup qualifier last year. That is, to see the world’s best player, Messi and the world’s worst manager, Maradona.

Today The Independent published this investigation from Robin Scott-Elliot. Continue reading