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More bestsellers lists…

The World is a Ball is now on the following Bestseller Lists: The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, Macleans, The Vancouver Sun, The Canadian Booksellers Association (TBM BookManager).

And there’s a kinda nice review in The Toronto Sun this weekend, and the Montreal Gazette likes it a lot. Continue reading

The World as a Ball makes Amazon’s Bestsellers list

One week after publication date, The World is a Ball is Amazon Canada’s #1 Bestseller in Sports book category…. (well, for a few hours, anyway) Continue reading

The World is a Ball – The Croatian edition

Check out the Croatia edition of The World Is a Ball. Dead-cool cover image. Continue reading

Reviews, I’ve had a few…

The Gazette says “it’s a perfect Canadian’s primer for the imminent World Cup.” The Globe and Mail calls it “a fine book about the beautiful game.” Chapters Indigo says it’s a “great read to prep for this summer’s World Cup.”

Plus there’s an interview article from Maclean’s, and some quibbles from the Telegraph-Journal which opens with “John Doyle had no plans to try his hand at being a sportswriter. And with The World is a Ball he hasn’t become one.” Continue reading