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Mid-World Cup Reminder

The World is a BallBuy the bestselling book about my soccer and World Cup travels/reporting. Available in all formats. Updated since last World Cup. Latest Five Star Review on Amazon: “A great history of recent tournaments. Prepared me beautifully for the drama leading up to the current world cup in Brazil.”… Continue reading

Books to read for the World Cup

Soccer.BooksOne month away. Time enough read all, including mine, The World is a Ball… Continue reading

Top Soccer Books

The World is a BallThe Soccer Nomad reviews all the Top Soccer Books. Nice one on The World is a Ball – “…a thoroughly enjoyable book about the game and, more importantly, the ambience that is created around major tournaments.”… Continue reading

Chris Kayser reads The World is A Ball

The World Is a BallOdd to hear actor Chris Kayser read my words in ‘The World is A Ball: The Joy, Madness & Meaning of Soccer’, as of this week now available as an Audio Book. But beautifully done. You can hear sample here…… Continue reading

The State We’re In

the-beautiful-game-650The author reading from The World is a Ball on The State We’re In, a Radio Netherlands program about soccer… Continue reading

66 Days to the World Cup in Brazil

The World is a BallIf you buy any book about Soccer, consider this one. International bestseller. Paperback Updated now to cover World Cup 2010. Featured on Fox Soccer Report. On EPL Talk’s Ultimate Guide to Football Books. Featured in Bleacher Report’s Top Soccer Books to Read This Summer… Continue reading

Top Soccer Books to Read This Summer

The World is a BallRemember: The World is a Ball was listed as Top Soccer Books To Read, by Bleacher Report. Soccer, meaning, the games, the fans, the religion and cross-cultural power… Continue reading

The World Is a Ball – Audio Book

The World is a BallThe World is a Ball: The Joy, Madness and Meaning of Soccer will soon be available as an Audio book, from

Many thanks to Rodale Books for continued support in U.S… Continue reading

Necessary mention

The World is a BallThe World is a Ball: The Joy, Madness & Meaning of Soccer, sold out on Amazon US, being re-stocked. You can of course get it in Canada. A book for the soccer lover at Christmas… Continue reading

Thank you Anonymous

A reader review of The World is a Ball on the Barnes & Noble site gave it Five Stars and simply said, “I love this book.”
(The author does not know Anonymous and has had no contact.)… Continue reading

How the CBC ruined my vacation

U.S. Olympic women’s soccer player Hope Solo attends a training session during the London 2012 Olympic Games at Eltham College in London. (NIGEL RODDIS/REUTERS)

Back in the paper. And at ya: How Hope Solo & the CBC Ruined My Vacation. Plus advice for sad case Ezra Levant… Continue reading

Football Factory poster

This poster is going up on the wall in the famous Football Factory in Toronto, a venue immortalized in the updated edition of The World is a Ball… Continue reading

Another World is a Ball review

FYI. Book reminder time…A recent customer review of The World is a Ball on Amazon -“One of the best soccer books I have ever read. Very entertaining and keeps you glued to the pages with interesting stories of soccer craziness. I would highly recommend.”… Continue reading

New mini-review of The World is a Ball

Odd, new mini-review of mixed emotions for The World is a Ball. But has nice compliments – …”Doyle’s enthusiasm is infectious. And his book, packed with memorable scenes, should encourage even the most casual fan to take the fun of it all more seriously.” Thanks fella.

And people out there – remember this book for possible Father’s Day gift for dads who like their football, soccer, futebol… Continue reading

New review of The World is a Ball

The author brings to your attention a nice new review of The World is a Ball – “The World Is a Ball is a captivating and vastly entertaining read.”

The author hopes that with the Euros coming, The Champions League Final coming & a thrilling end to the club season in Europe, The World is a Ball will be noticed & read much in the next months… Continue reading

Highlights from Book Club Reviews

With FIFA Women’s World Cup under way, the Book Club Reviews site highlights The World is a Ball

1001st Tweet

For my 1001st Tweet and to mark Saturday’s FA Cup Final I gave away a signed first edition of my book The World is a Ball: The Joy, Madness & Meaning of Soccer. Took 2 mins on Twitter to get correct answer to “What is Rory Delap’s specialty?” I need a harder question next time…… Continue reading

Galway Advertiser interview

In advance of appearing in Galway for the Cúirt International Festival of Literature to talk up The World is a Ball, talk soccer culture and such, the author gets a write-up in the Galway Advertiser, a fine publication. Continue reading

Write? I am

The very nice Keziah Fenton, on her Blog, Write? I am, dwells on The World is a Ball in a post about sportswriting – “I want to immerse myself in the sport after reading three pages.” “If you love soccer, or love someone who does, read this book. It will expand your knowledge and appreciation for “the beautiful game”. Continue reading

Philosophy In Review

The World is a Ball got nice review in Philosophy In Review, an august publication. “John Doyle is the television critic for.. The Globe and Mail. He writes with wit and detached amusement… He is also a football nut…The World Is A Ball is not a mere compilation of columns, but as the cover blurb rightly Continue reading