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Andy Keogh says Hello

In The World is a Ball I tell the tale going to Bari in Italy to see Italy play Ireland in a World Cup qualifier. In the post-match mixed zone I talked to young Irish player Andy Keogh, a shy lad. Out on loan at Cardiff now, he scored the last minute winner against Millwall yesterday… Continue reading

The saddest story ever told

Liverpool on its knees. Thoughtful analysis hereContinue reading

Tweet from great Jason de Vos

Recently alerted to a mention by the great Jason de Vos about The World Is A Ball. Back in June, jasondevos Tweeted: Met John Doyle, author of The World Is a Ball, this morning. Interesting stories. Really enjoy reading his unique perspective on the game. Continue reading

Help us, Special One. Please help!

Portugal asks Jose Mourinho to take charge for 2 games. They needs him. Continue reading

Toronto FC cleans house

And about time too. Toronto FC clears out the duds. (Well done Paul Attfield on the early morning scoop.) Continue reading

World Cup dreams alive

Yes, there is a World Cup going on right now. Continue reading

Who put the ball in the Barca net? Valdez! Valdez!

A football story straight out of Dickens… Continue reading

International Bestseller

And now, if you peer closely at the cover of the US edition, you’ll see it says, “International Bestseller.” So there. Continue reading

U.S. cover design

And then… there is the beautifully designed Cover for the U.S. edition of The World Is A Ball, coming this Fall from Rodale. Continue reading

Coming in October

The cover the Canadian paperback edition of The World Is A Ball. Coming October. Updated with an overview of World Cup 2010. Continue reading

Bend It Like Carlos

You’ve heard of Bend It Like Beckham. Well check out a bending ball kicked by Roberto Carlos of Brazil in 1997. Now, science says it’s no fluke, this kind of artistry…