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Alex Ferguson | My Autobiography

Alex FergusonHere is Simon Kuper’s picky review of Alex Ferguson’s controversial book.

Here, however, is how things went when Ferguson was interviewed by Channel 4’s Jon Snow about the book and AF’s career…

JS: “The interesting thing about you is you brought on all these incredible star players, Keane, Beckham, van Nistelrooy, and yet you fell out with all of them.”

AF: “Well those three.”

JS: “And Rooney in a sense. And Norman Whiteside . . . and Paul Ince?”

AF: “Yeah, but you have to deal with things as they are at the time . . . control is all.”

JS: “Sounds a bit Stalinist.”

AF: “Jesus Christ!”… Continue reading

A story about the women’s game

Stephanie RocheRep of Ireland International Stephanie Roche’s sensational goal goes viral, the world is awed…… Continue reading