Posts from ‘March, 2011’

Major League Soccer

It has begun. The Major League Soccer season, with an all-Canadian clash – Vancouver Whitecaps 4, Toronto FC 2. Well done the Vancouver lads. Best moment: Dunfield disappearing into the Vancouver moshpit. A great match. From here on comes pain, heartbreak, glory and ignominy. Herewith, the heartfelt Red Patch Boys Hard Chorus.

Football of soccer?

The eternal argument: call it “football” or “soccer”? That arises immediately in the Comments on this History Of Soccer video, in which the very, very tired author of The World is a Ball makes an appearance…

Write? I am

The very nice Keziah Fenton, on her Blog, Write? I am, dwells on The World is a Ball in a post about sportswriting – “I want to immerse myself in the sport after reading three pages.” “If you love soccer, or love someone who does, read this book. It will expand your knowledge and appreciation for “the beautiful game”. Continue reading

Philosophy In Review

The World is a Ball got nice review in Philosophy In Review, an august publication. “John Doyle is the television critic for.. The Globe and Mail. He writes with wit and detached amusement… He is also a football nut…The World Is A Ball is not a mere compilation of columns, but as the cover blurb rightly Continue reading