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Great goal but disappointing end to a great World Cup

WCDP209_Brazil_Soccer_WCup_Germany_ArgentinaNice goal, Deutschland! But a dreary end to a dynamic, exciting World Cup

O-Le Canada!

10511464_10152506316675027_3019875881349108140_oLook: AP story on Canada’s World Cup fanaticism. Yours truly and my book The World is a Ball, cited, nicely…here on ABC new site… Continue reading

The pre-Final wrap-up

RJO03-BRAZIL-WORLDCUP+An Almost-Magnificent World Cup is ending. Almost magnificent…and why “almost.”

Never mind Germany

WCDP203-APTOPIX+Brazil+SoccIn Argentina’s mind and soul it is actually playing Brazil in the World Cup final… Continue reading

This wasn’t about a Brazilian collapse… It was all about German engineering

LYJ504-SOCCER-WORLD+M61-BRAReality Check Time- This was a German master-class, not a Brazil meltdown… Continue reading

With Neymar broken, the fantasy World Cup is shattered

neymar-front06sp1With Neymar broken, the World Cup is broken – Brazil’s, and everybody’s fantasy…It’s over… Continue reading

Europe’s haughtiness versus Latin emotion

STA560-SOCCER-WORLD+M58-FRAThe meaning of it all. This World Cup now winds down to a Culture Clash between European and South American soccer and attitudes… Continue reading

Meet the eight starting goalkeepers left at the World Cup

WCEM267-Brazil+Soccer+WCupMeet the Elite Eight: All the starting keepers for the Quarter-finals profiled. Penalties? Some take ‘em, some stop ‘em…… Continue reading

Scenes from a nervous nation

MHR14-BRAZIL-WORLDCUP+Brazil is terrified of facing Colombia in quarter-final…it reallly is… Continue reading

Now is the time that the world gets a crush on the U.S.

wc-doyle01sp1Here’s why

Little to love about this cynical France team

WCTH218-Brazil+Soccer+WCupOnly the French love this France team – good but clinical, cynical…lacking flair. Pity… Continue reading

Ten reasons this World Cup is giving us what we want

Doyle-WEBTen Reasons why this World Cup is the most Brilliant & Bizarre, ever…(add your own.)… Continue reading